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64. OF ONE BLOOD (1945)
Dallas: Sack Amusement Enterprises, 1945. J.W. Hemmings, Geraldine Maynard, Spencer Williams, Jr. (actor, writer and director): Sack. Vintage original 40 x 28” (102 x 71 cm.) poster, USA. On linen, with archival conservation of various fold tears and other signs of light use, very good+.
In the 1940s, SpencerWilliams wrote, directed and acted in several Black cast films that were financed and distributed by Al Sack, whose Dallas-based company specialized in films for Black audiences.Williams enjoyed an unusual degree of creative freedom from Sack, and his
films are generally thought to have a much higher degree of verisimilitude than was often found in the ethnic films of that decade.This film portrays a gamut of prevalent social issues, among them race riots and Black people being poisoned by contaminated liquor.

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