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DIRECTORS | Orson Welles
50. Orson Welles (director) CITIZEN KANE (1941)
Hollywood: RKO, 1941.Vintage original 18 x 12” (46 x 31 cm.) pressbook.This uncut pressbook has been folded in half horizontally, there is spine/fold/edge wear, chipping on the back cover at the fold, a fold separation on the front cover, internal pages are loose, small surface paper loss on the cover under “Orson”, a tear on the inside back page, and tape on the spine, very good-.
Pressbooks of this era were sent to theater owners so they could cut out ads for local publicity, hence they are very difficult to find intact. Despite various signs of use, this is an intact pressbook, and as such a very scarce object.
Welles’ CITIZEN KANE is now recognized as one of the hallmarks of film history. At the time of its release, RKO knew that they had something highly unusual, and this large format book reflects their diverse approaches to marketing it.

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