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55. Edward D. Wood Jr. (director, screenwriter)
[Hollywood]; A-A Productions, [1973]. Vintage original film script, quarto, brad bound, printed wrappers, 41 pp. Front wrapper detached from top brad only. Xerographic duplication.There are notes on the front wrapper and some underlinings and notes, apparently in the hand of actress Kathy Hilton, who played the role of Lorraine. Near fine.
One of the more substantive annotations reads: “Scene to be played with Extreme Exotic Ad-Libs... Choice of words & Language No Barrier.”
A young woman becomes a cocktail waitress to make money and to meet men — lots of men. Cult porn star Rene Bond starred in this soft-core sexploitation feature film. Stephen Apostolof (under the pseudonym of A.C. Stephen)
co-wrote the film withWood, as
well as producing and directing it. Wood collaborated with him on other films, including The Class Reunion (1972), Drop-Out Wife (1972) and The Snow Bunnies (1972). Apostolof directed many other exploitation films, often in partnership withWood, among them Orgy of the Dead (1965), Suburbia Confidential (1966), Lady Godiva Rides (1968) and Five Loose Women (1974).This film was apparently shot at the same time as Drop-Out Wife.
AlthoughWood is most famous for Glen or Glenda and Plan Nine from Outer Space, he was a very fast worker, and he wrote and directed many films afterwards, almost all of them exploitation movies like this one.

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