Vintage original 34 x 23″ (87 x 59 cm.) poster, USA. Unfolded, FINE. Gordon Grant, Bill Eld, dir: Guy Houston; Falcon.

In the 1970s, there was a large number of movie theaters which converted from showing Hollywood product to porno films. Of those theaters, a small number showed primarily gay male porno. This film was the first feature made by Falcon Films, then and still now one of the major producers and distributors of adult gay male motion pictures.

Grant was an enormous icon of 70s and early 80s gay film and magazines. This extremely rare poster well represents his chiseled look. It is difficult to find accurate biographical information about Grant, but we do know that he starred in many gay films and magazine spreads for Falcon and Colt, and it is possible that he passed away in the early 90s


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