(JONES, LEROI, later known as BARAKA, AMIRI) DUTCHMAN (1967)


Vintage original 30 x 40” (75 x 100 cm.) quad poster, UK. Al Freeman, Jr., Shirley Knight dir: Anthony Harvey; Planet Film. There is a small censor stamp in blank area near bottom left, some minor pinholes, but poster is generally very clean, JUST ABOUT FINE.

Film of the LeRoi Jones one act play of the same name. Bogle, p. 77: “By its conclusion, perhaps better

than any other piece of dramatic writing of the 1960s, articulates what many then felt were the only

options left open to a black man in white America: either he can survive by joining the ranks of the black

bourgeoisie…or he can lash out at the dominant culture…Jones’ highly charged theatrical dialogue and

the exciting, kinetic performances of Al Freeman, Jr. and Shirley Knight make the movie work.”

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