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Rare Books & Ephemera

Rare books and ephemera constitute, as an overall category, one of the most fascinating parts of WalterFilm’s inventory.


We are interested in early rare books on the art of cinema. A recent example is the 1929 first edition of Hans Richter’s important book in German, Film: Gegner von Heute—Freunde von Morgen–an early and highly influential study of experimental film, which is not only one of the first books to attempt to characterize early avant-garde film making, but a lushly produced volume, with hundreds of stills from various early experimental films, speaking not only to concept but also to technique and method.

Another interesting recent acquisition for our inventory is the original first edition (Prague, 1927) of the Czech Photoplay edition of Fritz Lang’s legendary METROPOLIS. What makes this edition special is that it is the only one to contain all 64 images of the UFA photographs released for the film (the German, French, and British Photoplay editions do not have complete sets of these images).

Complimentary Client Consultation

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