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Walter Film
Original Vintage Film Posters,
Photographs & Movie

Since 1982, WalterFilm’s primary focus has been on the glorious history of the European and Hollywood Motion Picture Business as well as African American cultural history, black memorabilia and LGBTQ social history. As a result, we offer the finest selection of original vintage movie postersmovie star photoslobby cardsmovie scripts & rare books, Hollywood movie memorabilia, African Americana and LGBTQ cultural history. Our goal is to search out and offer the most outstanding pieces we can find.

As part of WalterFilm’s Curatorial Services, we advise individual and business clients in the selection of material for their collections. Whether a collector is looking to decorate a home or office, to build a collection on a specialized subject or to purchase pieces as an investment, WalterFilm has the knowledge, experience and resources to help achieve those respective goals. In addition to working with private collectors, WalterFilm assists curators in building institutional collections at various libraries, museums and universities.

Collections & Services


Original vintage movie posters have a long and fascinating history. An enormous number of different posters were made and there are an almost infinite number of collecting strategies one could follow.


The visual history of motion pictures is contained in movie still photography. Every aspect of the movie making process was featured in this medium and each is highly collectible.

Lobby Cards

Lobby cards are a uniquely American creation. They are a hybrid of movie posters and photographs. One early author on the subject described them as akin to antique Persian miniatures.

Movie Scripts

We only offer vintage original movie scripts, multiple drafts of the same script, early rare books and magazines and press books that were used to market films to theatre owners.


Rare Books

WalterFilm is interested in early rare books on the art of cinema. 


WalterFilm’s focus is on both international and Hollywood movie memorabilia that touches on the history of motion pictures as well as objects that were part of the movie-making process.

African Americana

African-American Collectibles and Black Memorabilia have grown in importance over the last decade, offering a wide selection of collectibles to those who wish to start or expand a collection.

LGBTQ Collection

With the growth of the LGBTQ movement, our sales to an ever-expanding number of institutions and individuals have made a major resource for LGBTQ Cultural History.


Complimentary Client Consultation

We love to share our knowledge and experience, so if you have a question about a particular item or would like to know more about it or the project it relates to, we would be happy to provide you with whatever we know. Just click on the “Contact Us” button and fill out the “Client Consultation Form” and we’ll be in touch!