Vintage original 10 x 13” (25 x 32 cm.) black and white double weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Hollywood’s first Mexican female star, Del Rio went to MGM in 1928 to play the lead in the adventure spectacular, THE TRAIL OF ’98. The studio’s top portrait photographer of the time, Ruth Harriet Louise captured Dolores in character as Berna. Born in aristocracy in Durango, her family lost their fortune in 1916 and Dolores married socialite Jaime Martinez Del Rio. The couple moved to Hollywood after becoming friends with director Edwin Carewe, who Dolores would work for. At the time of this film, De Rio divorced and soon married MGM production designer Cedric Gibbons, with whom she lived and elegant life style as she continued her acting career into the 1940s. This oversize portrait incudes the photographer’s blind stamp at the bottom right side margin as well as her MGM studio ink stamp on the verso. A Photoplay magazine library ink stamp is also present. An absolutely stunning image. ABOUT FINE.

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