NICHOLAS BROTHERS A collection of 10 vintage original photos


A small collection of images of the unique dancing team, who electrified audiences with their audacious dance moves and astonishing leaps, both on stage and in movies, one card with some light creasing, overall NEAR FINE:

—8 candid photos, ca 1960, about 4 ½ x 6 ¾” (12 x 17 cm.), of the brothers, together and singly, with various friends and associates. In two photos, one of the brothers seems to be trying to give a corpulent white guy tips on how to dance the twist.

—2 double weight photos on mat finish paper. One is an image of the brothers at the onset of their performing career, ca 1935, and the other is an image of them as they looked in the mid-1940’s. Both photos look to have been printed ca 1955 as part of their publicity for live performances

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