MARILYN MONROE (1948-49) Ink blotters


Set of four 3 ¾ x 9″ (9.75 x 23 cm.) vintage original ink blotters, USA. These ink blotters all feature artwork by pin-up artist Earl Moran. Marilyn posed for him while at the beginning of her career. She would have been 21 when she sat for Moran. She had a short-lived contract before that with Twentieth Century Fox (1946-47). After that contract lapsed, she resumed her previous modeling career, until she got a short-lived contract with Columbia.

Marilyn posed for Moran shortly after he moved to Hollywood in 1946, and continued working with him, off and on, for the next four years—until her career began to take off, with appearances in such films as THE ASPHALT JUNGLE and ALL ABOUT EVE. FINE.

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