Kurt Vonnegut (source and co-screenwriter) SLAPSTICK Original Film Script


Vintage original film script. Los Angeles: S. Paul Co. Inc., 18 January 1981. [1],105 pp.. Quarto, bradbound in printed William Morris Agency wrappers. Title hand-lettered on spine, wrappers a bit edge-worn and creased at corners, just about fine in very good wrappers.
An early draft of this adaptation of Vonnegut’s novel, released in Europe in 1982 and in the U.S. in 1984 under the title SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND.
Significantly, in this draft Vonnegut is explicitly identified as co-writer of the screenplay, but the screenplay for the final film is credited solely
to director Steven Paul.    Vonnegut disliked the final film, which apparently deviated significantly from his conception in this version cowritten with producer-director Paul.  “Paul’s screenplay shifted away from the serious aspects of the novel and placed more emphasis on its humor, as well as excluding Vonnegut’s view of groups as extended families whose spiritual core is common decency, and the importance of courtesy, kindness and dignity.” (wikipedia).
The remarkable cast included Jerry Lewis, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Sam Fuller, and Merv Griffin.

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