FANTASIA (1939) Disney animation model sheet


[Los Angeles]: Walt Disney Productions, 1939. Vintage original 11 x 12 3/4″ (23 x 30 cm.) animation model sheet. Sequence information present, as well as Walt Disney Productions stamps and date of 11-29-39. Fine.

Several Centaurette designs are suggested in these rather provocative but demure depictions for Fantasia‘s Pastoral Symphony segment. In the final film these mythical characters would not bare their breasts, making this depiction rare.

Disney model sheets are collections of character reference guides used by animators and artists working on Disney animated films and television shows. They provide a consistent visual representation of the key features, expressions and poses of each character, ensuring their appearance remains uniform throughout the production. Model sheets serve as a crucial tool in maintaining the consistency of the animation style, as they offer a comprehensive understanding of the characters’ design and movements. By following these guidelines, animators can create seamless, harmonious scenes that stay true to the overall vision of the project. They were printed on photographic paper in the late-1930s into the 1940s.

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