FIRESTARTER (1983) Final Draft film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel dated Apr 4, 1983


Stephen King (source) Stanley Mann (screenwriter) FIRESTARTER (1983) Vintage original Final Draft script by Stanley Mann dated Apt 4, 1983, USA. Based on the novel by Stephen King FINAL DRAFT (shortened version) April 4, 1983. Universal City, [CA]: Dino De Laurentiis Corporation, 1983. Quarto, stiff boards with printed paper label, bound with a metal clasp, photomechanically reproduced script, generated by the production company. The printing job was done a bit carelessly, and so a few pages have cropped page numbers, overall NEAR FINE.

This was the twelfth film adaptation of Stephen King. IMDb lists more than 250, and so this was still early in the development of King’s filmography — a story about a little girl (Drew Barrymore, who made an enormous impression and whose film career really took off after this vehicle, made when she was still six) who develops pyrokinetic powers.

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