LOUISE BROOKS / BEGGARS OF LIFE (1928) Oversize portrait


Vintage original 11 x 14” (28 x 35 cm.) sepia tinted double weight matte print still photo, USA. Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen, Wallace Beery, Roscoe Karns, dir: William Wellman; Paramount. Story of a girl (Louise Brooks is simply called “The Girl”) who kills her treacherous stepfather, disguises herself as a boy, joins up with a vagabond (Richard Arlen as “The Boy”), and attempts to escape the country into Canada. This was the first Paramount film to have a small amount of spoken dialogue which was added in post-recording to the music and effects track. Much of it was filmed on location, including footage of a real train derailment. Louise Brooks performed her own stunt in jumping on a moving train. Brooks’ appearance as a boy began a trend in popular film beauties playing androgynous roles, culminating 13 years later when Veronica Lake played another boyish vagabond character simply called “The Girl” in SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS. Preston Sturges was likely inspired by the William Wellman scenario. Here is a stunning portrait of the great Louise Brooks as “The Girl” in costume as a boy. The oversize gallery style print is borderless. The ink stamp on the verso reads “Louise Brooks Paramount Pictures.” Minor crease at bottom right corner. ABOUT FINE.

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