BREATHLESS (1960; 1961 first US-release) Lobby card


Vintage original 11 x 14″ (28 x 35 cm.) lobby card, USA. Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Henri-Jacques Huet, Lilliane Dreyfus, dir: Jean-Luc Godard; Les Productions Georges de Beauregard/SNC. Fine.

Card depicts a portrait of Jean Seberg as Patricia Fanchini and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Michel Poiccard for this original 1961 card for the American subtitled release through Films Around the World of Jean-Luc Godard’s French crime drama Breathless.

The story of a sociopath who steals a car and impulsively murders the policeman who pursues him. Before fleeing to Italy, he involves an American girl in his plight to recover a debt and involves her in his escape, and at the same time falling in love with her while oblivious to the media attention he has gained and the dragnet closing in on him. It is the stylistic presentation, revolutionary in its time (in hand held camera photography, jump cuts and editing), which even to this day make the film thrilling — as do the performances by the two leads.

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