TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN BY STRATEGY [ZHI QU WEI HU SHAN] (1970) Set of 18 Chinese lobby cards


Vintage original set of eighteen (18) 13 x 10 ” (33 x 27 cm.) lobby cards, China. Jimbo Shen, Xiangling Tong; dir: Tieli Xie; China Film Distribution and Exhibition Corporation. Slight scattered creasing, ABOUT FINE.

A classic of the Chinese Cultural Revolution — a revolutionary ballet film with a very strong dose of propaganda intertwined with its storyline, produced at the Beijing Film Studio and performed by members of the Peking Opera Troupe of Shanghai [sic].

A famous, and probably equally infamous, cultural relic of Mao’s Cultural Revolution — and, needless to say, an extremely rare one. This original set of Chinese lobby cards were printed for export to other countries.

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