PURSUIT TO ALGIERS [“THE FUGITIVE”] (Apr 25,1945) Screenplay by Leonard Lee


Vintage original script by Leonard Lee, an early pre-production draft of this adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson characters to the screen, here present in an unusual, privileged form. 109 leaves, quarto, carbon typescript, typed on rectos only of onionskin marked in red: “Contract Copy”. Punched for brad binding in typescript wrappers (brads not present). Some creasing and small tears to some margins, small chip to upper wrapper at top edge, otherwise VERY GOOD.

The index on the upper wrapper indicates that seven copies were prepared (this  being #7) and distributed to the producer, director, writer and other principals. Comparison of this early draft with another, dating from July/August, indicates the script underwent significant later revision.

The film, directed by Roy William Neill and starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, involves their protection of the heir of Rovenia after the King of that nation was assassinated. Although well over one hundred and fifty adaptations of Sherlock Holmes to the screen are known, beginning with SHERLOCK HOLMES BAFFLED (1903), the Rathbone-Bruce portrayals have become almost canonical, beginning with THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (March 1939), and concluding with the twelfth in sequence, DRESSED TO KILL (1946), for which Lee also served as writer (De Waal 5157).

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