LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN (1989) Set of 2 variant film scripts


Hubert Selby, Jr. (source) Np: Neue Constantin Film, [ca. 1988] Two significantly variant vintage original film scripts:

  • Second Draft. 129 pp.;
  • Shooting Script with Director’s Revisions. 127 pp. This script belonged to construction coordinator Raymond Samitz, with his name in ink on front wrapper.

Both in die-cut plain wrappers with title showing, NEAR FINE.

Uli Edel directed this adaptation of Hubert Selby, Jr.’s groundbreaking cult novel Last Exit to Brooklyn about Brooklyn in the 1950s, with its sympathetic portrayal of a drag queen and plot lines involving bisexual characters. Bryant, p. 71: “Union leader Harry Black is a bisexual who has an attraction to transvestites and boys… He gets beaten to a pulp and ‘crucified’ when he is caught trying to pick up a young boy in a vacant lot in his neighborhood.”

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