PETULIA (1968) Screenplay adapted by Larry Marcus from John Haase, Mar 27, 1967


Richard Lester (director) Larry Marcus (screenwriter) John Hasse (source) Vintage original screenplay by Larry Marcus dated Mar 27, 1967. Plain wrappers, mimeo, brad bound, printed on green eye rest paper, 100 pp., a few MS notes on verso of final blank leaf, one underlining on p. 1, FINE in NEAR FINE plain wrappers.

Richard Lester’s film, adapted from the novel ME AND THE ARCH KOOK PETULIA, was shot on location in San Francisco at around the time of the Summer of Love. This movie is often acknowledged as a masterpiece, though a haunting and tragic one, about an ill-fated romance set against a backdrop of a counter culture which preaches free love, but where there is a stunning indifference to the lives of actual human beings. This remains one of the really important American films of its period.

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