MISTER ED – “ED A GO-GO” (1965) TV script signed by Johnny Crawford


MISTER ED – “ED A GO-GO” (1965) TV script Hollywood: Filmways TV Productions, 1965. Vintage original television script. Self-wrappers, bound in plain tan wrappers with handwritten label, 11 x 8.5″ (28 x 21 cm.), mimeograph, 42 pp. At front are also bound in 3 pp. of call sheets and a 7 pp. shooting schedule.

This script belonged to child actor Johnny Crawford, who signed it on title page. Some pages of revisions on blue and pink paper dated up through 7/19/65 are also bound in.

“Ed a Go-Go” was the 2nd episode of the sixth season, broadcast on September 19, 1965. Written by Lou Derman and Larry Rhine, directed by Arthur Lubin.

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