QUICKSAND (1949) FINAL SCRIPT An Original Screenplay by Robert Smith


Hollywood: Rooney-Stiefel Productions, March 5, 1949. Vintage original film script, quarto, mimeograph, brad bound, printed wrappers, 127 pp. A few pages are dog eared, back wrapper has come loose at bottom brad, overall near fine.

Selby, p. 96: “Garage mechanic [Mickey Rooney] steals money to impress waitress, gets in deeper and deeper, clashing with romantic rival and vindictive boss.”

Silver, Ward, Ursini, Porfirio, p. 239: “This film is about the post-war consumer society and what it did to those on the fringe of it.” Grant, p. 527.

Most of the individual pages of the script are undated; however, the following pages of revisions on blue paper are dated as follows:

  • 03/09/49: pp. 50, 73, 75-76, 78, 107
  • 03/10/49: pp. 55, 60-63, 66

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