Thomas Harris (source) SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE (1991)


2nd Draft Np: July 28, 1989. Vintage original film script, quarto, brad bound, printed wrappers, 133 leaves, with last leaf of text numbered 131.

Benshoff and Griffin, p. 250: “‘Enraged many queer activists because its serial killer Buffalo Bill is some sort of violent transsexual psychopath with a poodle named Precious…’ Director Jonathan Demme (and his supporters) tried to claim that Buffalo Bill was not meant to be homosexual, and perhaps he is not, yet his gender-bending makes him quite clearly queer.”

LGBTQ activists mobilized various forms of protests against this film, which appeared at a time when portrayals of queer people in Hollywood films mostly ran the gamut from the non-existent to the horrendous negative stereotype, and the protests had an impact — although one which was initially halting and incremental. Demme’s next film, PHILADELPHIA, which was about a young attorney who has AIDS and has been fired by his law firm, was clearly his mea culpa. Grant US. Silver and Ward Neo- Noir. Spicer US Neo-Noir. Penzler 101. Weldon 1996. Clover: Men, Women and Chainsaws. National Film Registry. Criterion Collection 13.

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