CABARET (1972) Joel Grey by Alan Pappe


Alan Pappe (1934-2008) was a famous photographer whose images regularly appeared on the covers of publications like Time and Newsweek.  His work on such famous films as CABARET, GREASE, and THE BLUES BROTHERS are now iconic.  His work is included in the National Portrait Gallery.  Pappe was at the forefront, in the late 1960s and onward, of the New Hollywood, as well as the evolving Counter Culture.  This photo is of special interest because its provenance is from the Pappe estate, and it is a special print which Pappe himself made for his personal archive.


This hand tinted 6 3/4 x 9 1/2″ (17 x 22 cm.) portrait of Joel Grey for his Academy Award winning performance as the Master of Ceremonies is inscribed “Alan Pappe- Berlin 1930-.” There were many Academy Awards for this film, including for director Bob Fosse, his crowning directorial achievement, FINE.

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