ANDY WARHOL’S HEAT (1972) Set of 6 photos


Set of six (6) vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white photos, USA. Five of the six photos have been trimmed for publication, generally to 7 ½ x 9 1/8” (19 x 23.5 cm.), VERY GOOD+. Joe Dallesandro, Sylvia Miles, Andrea Feldman, dir: Paul Morrissey; Levitt-Pickman. Morrissey’s crazed remake of SUNSET BOULEVARD.

“Joey Davis (Dallesandro) is an unemployed former child star who supports himself as a hustler in Los Angeles. Joey uses sex to get his landlady to reduce his rent, then seduces Sally Todd (Miles), a former Hollywood starlet. Sally tries to help Joey revive his career but her status as a mediocre ex-actress proves to be quite useless. Sally’s psychotic daughter Jessica (Feldman) further complicates the relationship between Sally and the cynical, emotionally numb Joey.” (Wikipedia)

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