Fritz Lang (director) SCARLET STREET (1945) Set of 8 photos


[Los Angeles]: Universal Pictures, 1945. Set of eight (8) vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white glossy silver gelatin photos. Three have mimeographed text on verso, minor waviness to two photos, overall near fine. 

One of the ultimate noir films, with Joan Bennett fulfilling director Fritz Lang’s vision of the perfect femme fatale. Travis Banton dresses her in not only a black lace peignoir but in several costumes which leave her true profession as obvious as the Breen office would allow. Her various costumes are on display in this grouping.

Poor Chris Cross (Edward G. Robinson) is middle-aged with a shrewish wife and little to look forward to in life, though he loves to paint. He rescues Kitty March (Bennett), and with her no-good boyfriend Jonathan Prince (Dan Duryea) sets out to scam him, including by selling his paintings under her name. Silver, Ward, Ursini, Porfirio, p. 256. Grant, p. 561.

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