Vintage original 5 x 7″ (12 x 17 cm.) black-and-white single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. ACME photo stamp is on verso as is stamp for Ref. Dept. N.E. A., which at the time referred to the National Education Association. Shows minor use, near fine.

The original attached paper blurb on the verso describes this image of Howard Hughes as that in which he is about to give a speech for the event described below.

10–14 July 1938: Howard Robard Hughes, Jr., along with a crew of four, departed Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York, on a flight to circle the Northern Hemisphere. His airplane was a Lockheed Super Electra Special, Model 14-N2, registered NX18973. Aboard were Harry P. McLean Connor, co-pilot and navigator; 1st Lieutenant Thomas L. Thurlow, United States Army Air Corps, navigator; Richard R. Stoddart, a field engineer for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), radio operator; Edward Lund, flight engineer. Lieutenant Thurlow was the Air Corps’ expert on aerial navigation. Stoddart was an expert in radio engineering. Thurlow, Stoddart and Lund were also rated pilots.

Before they took off from Floyd Bennett Field, the Lockheed was christened New York World’s Fair 1939, in keeping with an agreement that Hughes had made with Grover Whalen and the fair’s organizers.

Photo is dated 1/15/38 and is for his speech upon arriving after the flight.

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