I WALK ALONE (1948) Set of 14 photos


I WALK ALONE (1948) Set of 14 photos [Hollywood}: Paramount Pictures, 1948. Set of fourteen (14) 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) vintage original photos. Several of them with stamps on back of Consolidated Poster Service, a poster warehouse that existed in New York City in the 1940s. A few photos have marginal tears mended with archival paper, some have pinholes, the photos show various degrees of handling, overall very good.

Silver and Ward, p. 142: “I WALK ALONE incorporates a subjective quality into a story about bitterness and vengeance that is unusual in film noir of this period.”

Grant, p. 130: ” Frankie Malone (Burt Lancaster0 is released after a long jail term for bootlegging and discovers his pal and bootlegging partner, Noll ‘Dink’ Turner (Kirk Douglas), has been living high on the hog as a nightclub owner. What distinguishes this noir is its cast, with [Kirk] Douglas magnificently despicable and [Lizabeth] Scott producing the kind of performance that distanced her from so many of her tall-skinny-blonde competitors.”

#10008-2, 7, 27, 47, 53, 80, 91, 110, 113, 132, 138, 140, 155, [one with illegible code number, shows Lancaster ripping up a document in foreground as Douglas sits in background].

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