LOUISIANA STORY (1948) Photo archive


[London: London Films International, 1948]. Set of eight (8) vintage original black-and-white photos: six 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) single and double weight glossy silver gelatin photos and two 7 x 9″ (17 x 22 cm.) double weight matte photos. Two have original typed paper blurbs on verso, one with foreign printing ink stamp. Generally about fine.

The idyllic life of a young Cajun boy and his pet raccoon living in the Bayou is disrupted by an oil well being drilled by his home. Filmed on location in the Bayou, the production was sponsored by Standard Oil. Joseph Boudreaux as the boy is featured in all of the images. Director/writer Robert Flaherty’s semi documentary film.

Only one photo is coded: LS-7.

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