Vintage original 7 x 9 ½” (18 x 23 cm.) single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Marlene Dietrich, Brian Aherne, Lionel Atwill Alison Skipworth, dir: Rouben Mamoulian; Paramount.Some marks in the black of her costume. Apparently trimmed for publication. About fine.

Lovely sepia tinted portrait of Dietrich as artists model Lily Czepanek in film based on Hermann Sudermann’s novel. Dietrich took a one picture break from Svengali mentor director Josef von Sternberg to work with the great Rouben Mamoulian and was allowed a freedom in her performance never allowed her before.

She was still photographed and costumed (here by Travis Banton) as stunningly as ever in this outstanding portrait from the Paramount publicity department. Coded P1167-180.

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