MASK OF FU MANCHU, THE (1932) Photo – 1


Vintage original 10 x 8″ (25 x 20 cm.) single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo, USA. Boris Karloff, Myrna Loy, Lewis Stone, Charles Starrett, Karen Morley, dir: Charles Brabin; MGM.
With the brilliant success of Universal’s monster films, MGM added a fine contender. In fact they borrowed the master actor of the genre, Boris Karloff, to play the evil Dr. Fu Manchu. He and his diabolic daughter (Myrna Loy) compete with English researchers to find the tomb of Genghis Khan, which is full of powerful relics.
Here is a portrait of the evil daughter Fah Lo See as played by a Hollywood-glamorized and “asianized” Myrna Loy. She would, with the advent of the Production Code, move on to far more sanitized roles, most popularly as the smart wife Nora Charles in the THIN MAN series. Exotic portrait is coded “640×32 MGM”. NEAR FINE.

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