NASHVILLE (1975) Group of 55 photos


 [Los Angeles]: Paramount Pictures, 1975. Set of fifty-five vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white photos.

A vast group of images which capture many of the key moments and characterizations of Robert Altman and writer Joan Tewkesbury’s opus focusing on five days at the Nashville Country and Gospel Music Festival. The story of stars, wannabe stars and hangers-on, and their individual and group stories, all a commentary on American society. Amongst the stars present in these images are Karen Black, Keith Carradine, Lily Tomlin, Shelley Duvall, Ronee Blakely, Keenan Wynn and others. All but two include their wraparound printed paper Paramount publicity blurbs.

Photos coded: NV3-8, 5-19A, 10-34A, 11-1, 26-7A, 27-9, 56, 30A, 58-8, 61-5A, R66-5, 75-15, 75-35, 76-17A, 82-31A, 82-34A, 86-17A, 89-21A, 100-6, 111-31-2, 112-3A, 115-14A, 139-9, 146-30A, 147-15, 149-27, 160-17A, 162-7A, 169-25A, 180-12, 180-22, 182-7, 198-34, 199-32, 201-9, 204-R-4, 211-12-10, 220-R-2, 223-25, 223-33, 223-36, 226-16A, 229-R-8, 232-12-R, 235-15A, 237-5A, 237-6A, 238-19A, 239-6, 245-4, 246-22, 249-34, 255-15, 256-11; NV-SP-1, 2.

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