OUR BLUSHING BRIDES (1930) Oversize photo


Vintage original 11 x 14″ double weight glossy silver gelatin print photo, USA. Joan Crawford, Anita Page, Dorothy Sebastian, Robert Montgomery, Raymond Hackett, John Miljan, Hedda Hopper, dir: Harry Beaumont; MGM. The great Art Direction by Cedric Gibbons at the dawn of Deco and the Adrian adorned lingerie are great highlights of this fantastic oversize still, but there is more. On the verso is still photographer C. A. Pollock’s stamp, the attached paper blurb and early Culver Service stamps. To top it off is a spectacular image from the films’ “Lingerie” fashion show, with Joan Crawford at center as the main mannequin and Gwen Lee at the left coping attitude as the other mannequin’s follow Crawford’s lead. The story was about three girls who are pals that work in a department store who each have affairs with millionaires, each with different results. One corner is chipped, there is some general light rubbing, VERY GOOD.

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