Two sets of vintage original photos from films directed by Silver, twenty-three in all, 8 x 10” (20 x 25 cm.) photos, of which 12 from HEAD OVER HEELS (1979) and 11 from CROSSING DELANCEY (1988). Fine.

Silver directed her first feature in 1975. She was really the only woman director to emerge from the 1970’s New American Cinema movement. Her feature films have a characteristic interest in issues of female and of Jewish identity.

HEAD OVER HEELS (which was also released under the alternate title of CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER) is a bittersweet, and ultimately disturbing, film about an obsessed young man who goes to endless lengths to get back a woman with whom he was once previously involved. Since the film definitely reflects the woman director’s vision of the male romantic, it remains a film of special interest now. In CROSSING DELANCEY, the movie’s female protagonist meets a man through the efforts of her Jewish grandmother, who in turn contacts the local matchmaker (who sets her up with the owner of a pickle shop!)

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