Rudolph Wurlitzer, Robert Frank (directors) CANDY MOUNTAIN (1988) Set of 8 photos


[New York]: International Film Exchange, [1988]. Set of eight (8) vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white print still photos, of which 7 are single weight stills from the movie with credits below the images, and one is a double weight portrait of Robert Frank with a stamp on verso of photographer Brian Graham. Fine.

A road movie starring Kevin J. O’Connor, Harris Yulin and Tom Waits. Set in New York City and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which draws heavy inspiration from 1960s genres of film and music.

Robert Frank’s third collaboration with American novelist and screenwriter Rudolph Wurlitzer. In an interview, Frank stated that the film reflected his own life and journey from New York City to Nova Scotia. Additional inspiration was drawn partially from Wurlitzer’s previous films and his experience of having a career on the road. The film’s script was developed from a book of photography that was built upon Frank and Wurlitzer’s experiences from living in Nova Scotia. The portrayal of the United States in the film is that of a twisted industrial landscape, whereas Canada is seen as a “slow, peaceful land”. (Wikipedia)

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