(The Living Theatre) Jonas Mekas, Judith Malina (directors) THE BRIG (1964) Set of 7 photos


[New York: Film-makers’ Distribution Center, 1964]. Set of seven (7) 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) vintage original black-and-white print still photos: five with mimeographed text affixed to verso, one date stamped on verso and one with Film-makers’ Distribution Center stamp on verso, just about fine.

Kenneth H. Brown’s 1963 play The Brig got its premiere at The Living Theatre, under Judith Malina’s direction. It is about one day in the wretched lives of prisoners in a Marine brig, who are subjected to endless forms of physical and mental abuse.

Jonas Mekas chose to bring this play to the screen, and the result is this harrowing, totally immersive film.

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