WIZARD OF OZ, THE (1939) Publicity portrait of Ray Bolger with raven


[Los Angeles: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939) Vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white single weight glossy silver gelatin print still photo. Creases along right side blank white margin and center top above Bolger’s hat. Near fine.

Ray Bolger as the beloved Scarecrow strikes a frightened pose as a raven perches on his hand in the publicity still. As assistant director Wallace Worsley Jr. once revealed, the raven had a specific trainer and on the very first day of filming the raven proved to be uncooperative and flew into the flies of the stage and the entire day was spent getting the bird to come down.

Still is coded #1060-199 and has the typed studio blurb on the verso as well as date stamps of “Sept. 20, 1939” and for a later use in Aug. 1950 as well as from the Philadelphia Inquirer Library.

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