AFFAIR OF THE FOLLIES, AN (1927) Insert poster


Vintage original 14 x 36″ (35 x 92 cm.) insert poster, USA. Lewis Stone, Billie Dove, Lloyd Hughes, Arthur Stone, Arthur Hoyt, dir: Millard Webb; First National Pictures. A vehicle for the great Ziegfeld Follies star Billie Dove. She portrays Tamara, married to an inventor who cannot get anyone to see his work, who must rejoin the Follies — and that causes problems for her marriage. Dove, who started her career as a model, became one of the most decorative of the Follies girls and, when Ziegfeld paid too much attention to her, his wife Billie Burke arranged for Miss Dove to go to Hollywood, where, because of her great beauty, she was a sensation. She would work in silent films and early talkies. This seemingly lost film has the impression of being outstanding if one goes by this poster art. Billie had prominent writers June Mathis and Carey Wilson on the script and Academy-winner and nominee Tony Gaudio behind the camera. Paper-backed, NEAR VERY GOOD.

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