BIG SHOT, THE (1931) Window card poster


Vintage original 14 x 22″ (56 x 71 cm.) window card poster, USA. The story of a young man (Quillan) who is raised on Horatio Alger stories and believes that hard work and fortitude will pay moff in life. Of course, that makes him gullible, too — particularly when he believes he is taking the easy road and he falls for a bad business deal. He also does his best to impress his sweetheart (O’Sullivan) while a vamp (Nolan) does her deed of seducing him. A definite Depression-era comedy with a few Pre-Code moments. The theatre owners have neatly written in the blank space their “come-on” to attract the audience to this feature. The neat writing at the top was done for the theater where this poster was used — it is neat and, to our eyes, rather charming. Unrestored, minor handling, NEAR FINE.

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