BURY ME DEAD (1947) Half sheet poster


Vintage original 22 x 28″ (56 x 71 cm.) half sheet poster, USA. Cathy O’Donnell, June Lockhart, Hugh Beaumont, Mark Daniels, dir: Bernard Vorhaus; Eagle-Lion Films. Folded, slight repairs on back with archival paper, near fine.

Rarely-seen Poverty Row mystery noir with a complicated plot. A woman attends her own funeral, knowing that her husband attempted to do away with her. She discovers that the woman buried in her place is a glamour girl her husband was having an affair with.

The 68-minute film was edited to play during a 30-minute TV show spot during the 1950s. Director Vorhaus would fall victim to the Hollywood blacklist soon after completion. Two strong female leads and stylish atmospheric cinematography by John Alton highlight this film.

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