CRIME WITHOUT PASSION (1934) Half sheet poster


Vintage original 22 x 28″ (56 x 71 cm.) half sheet poster style A, USA. Claude Rains, Margo, Whitney Bourne, Stanley Ridges, Leslie Adams, dir: Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, Lee Garmes; Paramount. Controversial screenplay by Ben Hecht (with Charles MacArthur) based on Hecht’s story CABALLERO OF THE LAW. This was one of the first true independent productions (Hecht-MacArthur) and was filmed at Paramount’s Astoria Studios in Long Island and released by Paramount.
The story opens with the theme of sinners of the city and then concentrates on a lawyer who accidentally shoots his girlfriend during an argument. Thinking her dead, he does whatever it takes to cover up the crime as he descends into insanity. Cinematographer Lee Garmes actually directed much of the film, as filming was scheduled to start at 9 each morning. Hecht or MacArthur would not show up until 11. By then Garmes had a few scenes in the can.
Style A features an image of Claude Rains as Lee Gentry in the altercation with Margo playing his girlfriend Carmen Brown, and then being question by police. Paper-backed, originally unfolded, minor touch-ups to white margins, NEAR FINE.

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