DESTINAZIONE BUDAPEST [ASSIGNMENT: PARIS] (1952) Italian quattro foglio poster by Anselmo Ballester


Vintage original 55 x 78″ (140 x 200 cm.) quattro folio / 4-fogli poster, Italy. Dana Andrews, Marta Toren, George Sanders, Audrey Totter, dir: Robert Parish; Columbia. On linen, very good-fine.

Documentary-type film set during the Cold War about a scheming American reporter (Dana Andrews) stationed in Paris and set in the offices of foreign embassies.

Italian  poster artist Anselmo Ballester has chosen to focus on the dark, cold war and thriller atmosphere of the story with his portraiture of Andrews, Marta Toren and a menacing police force at night. The Italian title refers to the storyline wherein both reporters (Andrews as Jimmy and Toren as Jeanne) go to follow a story in Budapest of an impending Iron Curtain political conspiracy. Based on a serialized Saturday Evening Post story by Paul and Pauline Gallico entitled “Trial of Terror”. It is one of the most interesting of “anti-Red” films of the time.

Highly dramatic as only the great Ballester could present.

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