DIANA DORS | PICTUREGOER (ca. 1955) UK poster


Vintage original 19 x 29″ (50 x 75 cm.) British poster. Unfolded, slight handling wear at lower left edge, fine.

During 1955 and 1956, Diana Dors wrote a series of articles for her native UK movie magazine Picturegoer. In them she talked about her work in British films and her trip to Hollywood to make American films. Usually the covers for this magazine were in duotone, making this full-color promotional poster advertising Diana and her stories unique. Making her debut as a teen, Dors remained popular and working in various film and TV projects until her early death in 1984.

This magazine promo is from her most prolific period, in which the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts-trained actress was compared to Marilyn Monroe.

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