DOMANDA DI GRAZIA [OBSESSION] (1954) Italian quattro foglio poster by Anselmo Ballester


Vintage original 54 x 74″ (139 x 188 cm.) quattro foglio poster, Italy. Michèle Morgan, Raf Vallone, Marthe Mercadier, Jean Gaven, dir: Jean Delannoy; CEIAP. On linen, very good-fine.

An absolutely stunning portrait of the great film actress Michèle Morgan by artist Anselmo Ballester. A film noir-style based on the short story “Silent as a Grave” by Cornell Woolrich, and perhaps the best filmed version of this story.

This version was set in a Parisian circus and told the story of how a woman attempts to save her husband, who is sentenced to death. French star Morgan enjoyed a successful run in Hollywood films during the 1940s and still lives today, in France.


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