Doris Wishman (screenwriter, director) NUDE ON THE MOON (1962) One sheet poster


[New York]: JER Pictures, [1962]. Vintage original 41 x 27″ (104 x 69 cm.) one sheet poster, folded (as issued), just about fine.

A virtually pristine poster for Doris Wishman‘s second feature, in which a rich rocket scientist organizes an expedition to the moon, which turns out is inhabited by nude women.

Wishman, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jack Caplan, is a major figure in film history – a woman creating sexploitation films at a time when the history was entirely a male preserve.

Curiously, this film got banned by the New York State Censorship Board. They had previously ruled that her first feature (HIDEOUT IN THE SUN) could legally be shown because it took place in a nudist camp but, ludicrously, that this film could not since it portrayed nudity on the moon.

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