GUAGLIONE (1957) Italian quattro foglio poster by Anselmo Ballester


Vintage original 55 x 78″ (140 x 200 cm.) quattro folio / 4-fogli poster, Italy. Terence Hill,  Giulia Rubini, Dorian Gray, Titina De Filippo, Claudio Villa, dir: Giorgio Simonelli; Flora Film; Italy. A beautiful poster with brilliant portraiture work by Anselmo Ballester.

The story is a melodrama about a student who loses his head over a temptress and who then commits robbery to keep her in her finery. He loses her when she discovers he is poor. Actor Terence Hill (Italian-born Mario Girotti) was a child and teen actor in Italian films who went on to become an action and Western performer, and later came to Hollywood at which time his name was changed. He is still an active TV actor and director and is featured on this poster.

On linen, NEAR FINE.

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