I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF (1957) One sheet poster


Vintage original 41 x 27″ (103 x 68 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Michael Landon, Yvonne Lime, Whit Bissell, dir: Gene Fowler, Jr. American International. Poster is on linen. There are some blank white margin, corner and fold line touch-ups. A bit of ink over-bleed above “Marshall” in the credit area at the bottom, near fine.

When a troubled teenager goes to a psychotherapist for help, the doctor uses regression therapy which transforms the youth into a rampaging werewolf.

Wonderfully clever take on the delinquent youth genre of the time, combined with the horror and science fiction aspect! It was made on a shoestring budget, made lots of money and made Michael Landon a star.


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