LA NEMICA [THE ENEMY] (1952) Italian quattro foglio poster by Anselmo Ballester


Vintage original 55 x 78″ (140 x 200 cm.) quattro folio / 4-fogli poster, Italy. Elisa Cegani, Frank Latimore, Vira Silenti. Giacomo Verlier, dir: Giorgio Bianchi; Athena Cinematografica / Rank Film. On linen, near fine.

Based on a popular 1920s stage play by Dario Nicodemi, this is the story of a duchess who, for seemingly no reason, despises one of her two sons whom everyone else adores. A dark secret reveals her reasons for animosity.

The artist Anselmo Ballester has created a great aura of suspense in his use of dark shades, the light coming through a slightly open door and the reaction in his portraiture of Elisa Cegani.

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