LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN [PÉCHÉ MORTEL] (1945) French grande affiche by Georges Dastor


Vintage original 47 x 63″ (120 x 160 cm.) affiche grande poster, France. Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Mary Phillips, dir: John M. Stahl; Twentieth Century Fox. On linen, there has been normal touch-up along fold lines and to address one marginal tack hole, near fine.

A spectacular presentation for the French release of this classic noir, based on Ben Ames Williams’ novel. It is one of the few of this genre made in brilliant Technicolor, winning the Academy Award for Color Photography.

A writer meets a socialite on a train and falls in love with her. She proves to be unreasonably possessive and obsessive over him, so much so that it ruins her relationship with him and everyone in her life. Tierney was never more stunningly photographed, and her seemingly sweet (yet cold), cunning and manipulative characterization (perhaps one of the finest femme fatale characters of all time) of Ellen Berent Harland won her an Academy Award nomination.

This poster art is by Georges Dastor. The US posters are very pretty, but this very rare French original reflects so well the mad obsessiveness of Gene Tierney’s character.

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