MY LADY’S LIPS (1925) One sheet poster


Vintage original 27 x 41″ (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Clara Bow, William Powell, Alyce Mills, Frank Keenan, Ford Sterling, dir: James P. Hogan; B. P. Schulberg/Preferred Pictures Corp. An extremely rare poster and one of the earliest to feature star Clara Bow prominently. Long believed to be a lost film, a nitrate print was found and has been preserved. The film is a romance with a suspense twist in which Powell plays the debonair character he became famous for and Clara Bow as the ultimate jazz baby. On linen, there was some foldline separation, especially at edge borders, there has been some minor inpainting in the area of the words “MY” and “LIPS”, but poster has extraordinary, bright, original colors, NEAR FINE.

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