RAW DEAL (1948) One sheet poster


Vintage original 27 x 41″ (68 x 102 cm.) one sheet poster, USA. Dennis O’Keefe, Claire Trevor, Marsha Hunt, John Ireland, Raymond Burr; dir: Anthony Mann; Eagle Lion. On linen, there are repairs to two tears inside the poster, foldline conservation, and two chunks of missing paper replaced in right margin, going about one inch (2.5 cm.) into the background art on extreme lower right, poster displays really nicely, very good.

A shadow-ridden film noir with characters choking on their psychoses. It is the story of Joe, a man in prison who has taken the rap for Rick. Rick arranges a break for Joe, knowing that Joe will be caught and go down for the crime once and for all. But with help from the two women that love him, Joe actually escapes and is out to get the man who framed him.

Violent and atmospheric, one of the best of the genre. This is one of the really important low budget examples of film noir directed in the 1940s by Anthony Mann.

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